Upholstery Wearability Codes

HD - Heavy Duty (Upholstery):
Built to withstand wear and tear, furniture pieces in this category are made with thicker fabrics and hard-wearing material. Still, while they play a tough role, newer fabric blends keep them soft, supple and comfortable.

MD - Medium Duty (Upholstery):
Like a jack of all trades, medium duty upholstery fabrics are great in a variety of situations. Use these hardy fabrics in family rooms, living rooms and multi-purpose areas.

LD - Light Duty (Upholstery):
Save these items for use with furniture and in spaces that are used sparingly – for example in guest rooms. More pretty than sturdy, they generally last for between one and three years.

DD - Delicate Duty (Upholstery):
These are generally accent pieces such as pillows that add a decorative touch to the space.