Mindful of our own ecological responsibility, we’ve assembled a collection of well-designed, sustainable furniture so you can stand by your eco-friendly values without sacrificing style, function and your family’s health. The Bayside collection -- from Canadian companies renowned for exquisite craftsmanship to overseas brands made with the best lumber, fabric and leather -- offers progressive level of green manufacture and design.

The G Romano and Trica brands are however exceptional due to their outstanding green credentials and their ongoing quest to build furniture for a healthy planet and a healthy home.


Over the years, G Romano and Trica have committed to creating furniture that lasts, thereby decreasing their ecological footprint. Trica, for example, is known for pieces that are effortless to assemble, easy to repair and readily recyclable at the end of their useful lives.

Plus, these companies exclusively use timber grown in sustainably managed forests in Canada and the U.S.


You’ll find eco-friendly, high-end furniture made without toxic chemicals and carcinogens from both these companies. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, architectural coatings such as paints and varnishes are the second-largest source of fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), substances that can cause headaches, dizziness and eye, nose or throat irritation.

Using lead-free paint, VOC-free finishes, water-based lacquers, stains and glues as well as low formaldehyde particle boards, Trica and G Romano designs are easy on the eyes and the planet.

For its eco-friendly sofas, ottomans and sectionals, G Romano abides by the principles of the North American Sustainable Furnishings Council, extensively using (Global Organic Latex Standard) GOLS-certified organic latex foam for their cushioning. Plus, all of G Romano’s feather inserts are certified to be free of harmful substances.


From recycling their own scrap material and their insistence on working with suppliers that are actively increasing the recycled content of their raw material, Trica and G. Romano are helping consumers, designers and others in the furniture industry to rethink everyday conventional material.

And, it goes without saying that 100% of their paper-based packaging is made of recycled material.