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Set the stage for fabulous living

Fashioned by a new generation of Quebec’s best designers, the Interversion collection lets you furnish every room with style and quality. Like a breath of fresh air, the collection’s minimalist elegant design and precise craftsmanship brings an exquisite beauty to your home.

Every item of this limited edition series is made in Montreal so you can create living spaces that are truly your own and purely Canadian.

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Wood furniture built for beauty and durability

Beautifully crafted solid wood furniture lives to tell stories for generations to come. Interversion’s solid wood pieces are built with certified, sustainably grown North American wood and personally selected processed wood and veneer (when necessary) to ensure they withstand the test of time.

The quality and beauty of each piece goes beyond practical everyday use. They become more valuable and precious with time, retaining family folklore and memories of wild card games.

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Kyoto dining room


Beautiful and eco-friendly finishings

Each piece of furniture in the Interversion collection is a labour of love, quality, style and efficiency. The company applies detailed customization and uses European manufactured components that come with a lifetime warranty and environmentally manufactured zero VOC emission finishing.

Interversion has also paid attention to its mixture of natural oils. Its tried and true mixes ensure beautiful and easy-to-maintain finishes.

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beautiful wood finishing


The luxury is in the details

Paying attention to the tiny details, the talented hands of Interversion’s skilled upholsterers combine high end kiln-dried wood structures, exacting workmanship and material such as locally-sourced mosses, feathers, fabrics and European leather to create livable luxury.

From screws, glues and springs to carefully executed fabric and leather seams, nothing misses the keen eyes of these expert craftsmen. The result: comfortable, luxurious, long lasting furniture made to live in, not simply to admire.

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The Interversion Story

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