Canadian Made Furniture - Why We Love Them

In 1975 when Bayside Furniture was founded, we started off by focusing on Canadian furniture because we believed that was the best way to serve your needs. Our passion for Canadian furniture has never wavered and we are still in love with the chic designs, craftsmanship, quality and variety that Canadian brands offer.

Chic, contemporary living room featuring a sofa by G Romano made in Canada
Canadian Maple Leaf
Contemporary dining featuring furniture made by Trica Canada

Best Options for Customization

By shopping Canadian brands, you have the option of made-to-order furniture, which allows for superior service in terms of the vast range of selections, delivery speed and accuracy.

Built to Last

Canadian furniture manufacturers have a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and quality due, in part, to their use of high-grade, sustainable materials that are built to last.

Best for the Environment

Canadian products, like the beautiful furniture of Romano, don’t travel across the globe to our store. They are made locally, abiding by the most stringent restrictions for the use of toxic chemicals.

Support the Canadian Economy

Purchasing Canadian furniture also supports the economy, employing Canadians who can then support their families. We, together with our loyal customers, are extremely proud to promote our country’s furniture industry and helping to make Canada the 5th largest furniture exporter in the world.

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