About us

We are a boutique furniture store nestled in the heart of Kitsilano along the trendy 4th Avenue shopping area.

From our Family to Yours

Family-owned and operated, Bayside Furniture has been helping households to create warm, stylish and comfortable spaces for 45 years. Opened in 1975 in South Granville, our curated showroom features pieces manufactured in Canada. We are always on the lookout for new forms and styles – fresh influences, unique shades, extraordinary silhouettes, global flavours – in line with the modern, urban living lifestyle.

Exquisite & Built to Last

Our customers have come to expect exquisite furniture, excellent craftsmanship and uniquely curated collections in our beautifully staged showroom. We stand behind our products and believe in being accountable, going beyond chic, stylish looks to secure the quality you want.

We carefully select manufacturers for their commitment to sustainability and use of natural material. Consequently, the furniture in our showroom are of superior quality and are built to endure the test of time.

Passion for Quality and Chic, Urban Lifestyle

Bayside’s team is made up of professional interior designers who welcome and support you in the most easygoing manner from the moment you enter the store. They are on hand to help you bring your dream home to life. In addition to introducing you to the beautifully staged furniture, they guide you through the process – from sorting through countless options, zooming in on what is right for you, selecting, delivering and assembling your new furniture.

Owner of Bayside Furniture

The mission of our showroom has remained the same since the time my parents founded the store and conceived the idea of our showroom:

“Provide the best in contemporary furniture in a boutique, customer-focused setting, and promote and share style and inspiration for modern urban living lifestyle.”

Kevin Halicki
Vice President, General Manager